Skopje, Macedonia (5-6.11.2019)

The TRAINING FOR TRAINERS workshop was opened by the experts in charge of its implementation, Monika Spaseska and Mila Matevska. After the welcome address by them and detailed review of the Program scheduled for November 5, 2019 and day On November 6, 2019, each of the participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves. Immediately after the presentation of the participants in this workshop, there was a short talk Valentin Volchev, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Republic of Bulgaria. In his address, Mr. Volchev referred to the goals of project and once again reminded that all projects, including this one, should are aimed at building transnational cooperation. Then briefly elaborate on the stages of the project in terms of what they involve. After the short review of the project by the President of the Confederation of Independents trade unions of the Republic of Bulgaria, moved to item number two on the agenda. The representative from the Republic of Bulgaria who was directly involved in the implementation of explained the survey in detail and determining the current situation with them the prepared analysis. First, he introduced the method to the other participants which was applied for conducting the research or survey, thereby stating the reasons for it. Further, proceed to the elaboration of the procedure of conducting the questionnaire as well as the obtained results of the same. He concluded his presentation with a short summary of what has been said before conclusion about the current situation, according to the obtained results, in their state. Furthermore, during the workshop, the other representatives shared the experiences and results obtained within the second phase of this project - analysis of the current situation in the mining sector in terms of the subject of this project. Then we moved on to point number 3 of this record - Case Study Presentation Financial participation and employee participation in mining sector "- Reading of financial documents and analysis in the mining sector sector-. The experts acquainted the participants in detail with the results obtained from research related to employee financial participation. They were shared results from reports prepared and published by the European Commission, the forms of financial participation as well as the position of employees and trade unions in order to advance this issue. On the participants were presented with the basic financial statements and detailed processed the basic elements that make them up. They were given at the same time guidelines and tips in the form of steps for successful and correct reading of financial statements. An open discussion was held during the workshop the different experiences of each of the participants were shared individually. On that way good practices were exchanged in order to find effective and effective tools for enhancing the financial participation of employees in the mining sector. At the end of the workshop a summary was made for previously done and conclusions were drawn in order to take over additional activities and continuation of the successful implementation of the following phases that make up this project.

Riga, Latvia (02.10.2019)

The "VALIDATION EXPERT WORKSHOP" in Riga, Latvia held on 02/10/2019 was dedicate to the experts representatives of each countries participating in the project. Meeting focused in the survey which was realized in each country with an overview about preliminary results of survey.

Sofia, Bulgaria (21.03.2019)

The first meeting of the project "Start-up Workshop" was held in Sofia, Bulgaria 21/03/2019. The meeting was the chance for the organizations to introduce themself and get to know each other. In the first part of the meeting the leader of the project presented the project – expected results, planned activities and development of the timetable for the project activities. While the second part of the meeting focused about the situation in each country regarding to mining industry background and knowledge about toolkits and methodologies regarding financial system, in the mining sector

Training Online 24/11/2020

The training of the project was held online on 24/11/2020. Meeting addressed to the following contents: - Business economics - Organization of the enterprise - The environment of the enterprise - Marketing - Business economics - Competition - The impact of the region's policy on the enterprise Elements of financial analysis - company finance management - Balance sheet Elements of financial analysis - company finance management - Profit and loss account - Cash flow statement Enterprises's ratio analysis - Key assumptions regarding the ratio analysis - Company liquidity ratios Enterprises's ratio analysis Profitability indicator Indicators of commitment and effectiveness in the use of assets and capital Reading financial statements

Final conference Online 17/12/2020

The final conference of the project was held online on 17/12/2020. After the welcome of the lead organization: FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT UNIONS OF MINERS - KNSB The expert Michał Grzybowski made a presentation on participation in financial strategies within companies and emphasized the motivation of workers and their better performance. In the different meetings promoted by this project, the expert highlighted, the great effort that the EU is making to harmonize labor relations in all member countries. The social dimension of European integration has developed notably over the years. It is a key aspect of the Europe 2020 Strategy, which aims to ensure 'inclusive growth' with high levels of employment and a reduction in the number of people living in poverty or at risk of social exclusion. It should be remembered that these guidelines, together with the economic policy guidelines, make up the integrated guidelines for the implementation of the 2020 European Strategy, and that on this occasion the text includes an extensive section dedicated to the approval of the European pillar of social law approved at the summit. Inter-agency of Gothenburg on 17 November 2017, emphasizing that the employment guidance included in the Decision is “in line with the principles of the pillar”. After the intervention of the expert, a debate was developed among all the attendees that was moderated by the Spanish journalist, Juan Manuel Aznárez and that lasted over more than hours and in which all the participants were able to present their questions to the expert until it was time to close this virtual meeting. The organizing union of this project made a final intervention to make a summary of it and thanked all the partners for the support received while emphasizing the importance of these meetings.